A coworking space for people who do more than work.

Remote work is redefining the modern meaning of success. Free from the stresses and time burden of office life, remote work is affording many professionals the space to recreate and build their lives around interests besides their professions.

A recent 4,000 person survey found 28.76% of current runners started running during the pandemic, and for many, the sport has become an indispensable part of their lives, providing daily access to health, nature, and in-person community in an era when many are going the opposite direction.

A nightclub for people who consider 6pm the night

Run Haus is developing multipurpose real estate spaces designed around the special needs and habits of this recreated, remote-worker-runner-human.

Run Haus provides a centralized community, work, and cultural space to meet for a run, catch up on work, recover, socialize, share talents, eat, drink, laugh, and build a healthy, well-run world together.

An arts center for athletes

An athletics center for artists

No human is limited, and neither is the range of programming possibilities at Run Haus, which include:

  • Free, sponsored, and private events.

  • Run hub for local run clubs.

  • Co-working space.

  • Art gallery and music/performance venue.

  • Ongoing space for aligned service providers: coaches and clinics, yoga classes, strength training, massage, etc.

  • General public memberships for events and networking.

  • Hub for F & B concessioners.

  • Pop-up shop.

  • Preventative health community hub.

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