Run Haus is a community of people running, not hobbling, into the future

Run Haus is for people committed to being the best humans they can be for themselves, others, and the planet. The Run Haus member ecosystem, which includes physical co-working, event, residential spaces, DAO network, and economic infrastructure, makes it simple--if not easy--to live a meaningful, happy, and healthy life.

Unlike expensive, corporate or governmental efforts to improve life on earth, Run Haus believes societal and planetary health and happiness are only possible when individuals are healthy and happy.

Run Haus is for people who committed to carrying their own weight as efficiently as possible. At the heart of this commitment is the simple act of running outside with one's community.

Run Haus Core Principles:

  • The world's populations would be greatly improved if they developed the capacity to carry their own weight, metaphorically and literally.

  • That optimum health is preferable to normal, average, or poor health.

  • That humans are meant to evolve, not merely exist.

  • That all life is sacred (lives that undermine other lives much less so).

  • That the most resilient systems are diverse systems: societies, agriculture, economics, etc.

  • The world's populations would be greatly improved if they spent more time with one another free from digital diversion and commercial interests.

  • That humanity would be greatly improved by the addition of social, vitally healthy, nature-loving people and communities.

  • That humans are meant for more than stress and toil. Relaxation, sport, art, music, dance, and other non-commercial pursuits are as (or more important) to leading a meaningful life as work and acquisition.

  • The world's populations would be greatly improved if they spent more time in nature.

  • All planetary life would be greatly improved if humans had a protective relationship with nature and all life.