Run Haus DAO is a decentralized, autonomous, distributed, operational and social community committed to personal and planetary health for all life on earth. Run Haus provides a community and infrastructure that make it simple for members to connect daily with themselves, their communities, and the planet. Run Haus uses community-oriented, outdoor running as a vehicle for causing a global revolution in personal and global consciousness, health, and sustainability.

The Run Haus coin is the community’s primary currency, and is earned through demonstrated contributory value to the community; i.e. adding demonstrable services, goods, and efforts to the network and community and its related projects, external community services, etc. A sample use case for a coin exchange might involve a capital rich/time scarce member trading coins with another member with more time than money, e.g. a semi-elite racer without a sponsorship.

Token/Membership privileges:

  • Access to like-minded, health and sustainability oriented community

  • Access to spaces and events

  • Access to in-network membership services and products:

    • Coaching

    • Physio and fitness classes/instruction

    • Professional services (writing, photography, video, accounting, etc.)

    • Products, gear

    • Food and beverages

    • Gear

    • Internal product marketplace

    • More

More info coming soon!